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Lady of the Dreams. by Scrap-Lord

Warning, this is meant to be helpful and not hurtful in any way. I like this piece. Luna looks nice and the shade of blueish purple is ...

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By fair the best story and gif I have seen in a long time!
Debate Off

Candice waited for the curtains to be lifted, as she nervously awaited her first debate at the university. She had decided to run for presidency amongst her fellow students, and she knew that this debate would be the most important part of her campaign. The whole university was going to watch, but Candice wasn’t sure who her opponent was going to be yet. Until she felt a tug in her panties from underneat her pants, as she yelped and turned around.


”Ha! Quite a nervous opponent I have today!” said the girl. ”I’m Isabel, and you must be Candice, am I right? I’ve heard some stories about you!” Isabel said, but even though the words she spoke were kind of mocking Candice, as well as giving her a small wedgie, she actually sounded quite nice to her.


”Yes… I am Candice, and I am your opponent today.” Candice said, trying to utter a smile. Isabel smiled back. ”Well, I’m sure this will be a good debate!” Isabel exclaimed, as Candice raised her first of confidence and uttered ”may the best gal win!”

Isabel nodded, smiled and went to her podium. Both podiums were large and covered them up to their shoulders. Candice noticed that Isabel was clad professionally, with a shoulderless button white shirt, accompanied by a loose pair of business black pants. Candice herself also wore something shoulderless, but a medium length dress, with leggings on her legs.


This debate had been advertised across the whole school, albeit with poorly made posters made with WordArt, and the whole debate would be reported in full detail in the school newspaper.


Just before when the curtains were going to be raised, Isabel and Candice looked at each other and smiled. But their smiled were suddenly halted when two heads peeked out from under each of their podiums, grinning evilly: Hanna under Candice’s podium, and Lily under Isabel’s podium.

”We’re going to have so much fun with you two!” Lily and Hanna both said to each of their girl, just as the curtains were raised to the applause of thousands of students. Both Isabel and Candice gulped nervously, as the debate started with the host asking the first question.


”What will you focus on today?” the host asked.


Candice started with her reply. ”I will show myself from the best side, and…” she was interrupted when she looked down at the grinning Hanna under her podium, grabbing a hold of her dress. Hanna whispered ”yes, you ARE going to show yourself from your best side!” as she slowly pulled the dress down. More and more cleavage came into view for both Hanna and Candice, but the audience couldn’t see a difference since they only saw her bare shoulders already.


Isabel looked upon the situation from the other side of the room, almost giggling a bit at the sight. As Candice finished her answer to the question, she finished it with a high pitched voice, almost as if she was asking a question back, because the dress suddenly fell all the way to the floor. Candice had chosen not to wear a bra today under her strapless dress, so now she was only standing on the podium in her leggings and shoes. Isabel also noticed the flaming red color of her cheeks! The dress was ripped at her feet and pulled away and into the podium.


The host turned to Isabel who still giggled a bit at the sight of the topless Candice. It was Isabel’s turn to answer, but before she could even start her sentence, she felt a pair of hands grab her business pants. They didn’t do anything, but she did feel alarmed and started to feel warm.


”Uh, I want to make sure that…” Isabel opened with, as Lily grinned and tugged her pants a few inches down. ”…um, that, uh, this school won’t be driven to the ground, and…”

Just as Isabel said ”ground”, that’s what happened to her pants. They fell to the ground around her ankles, and she forced the last words of her answer out as she witness her pants getting ripped in two and pulled into her podium. Suddenly she was only standing there in her shoulderless white shirt and her pink and black panties on display. The podium was covering her as well to the audience, but Lily had a full view of what she had there.


Isabel gulped, as the host readied the next question, this time aimed for Candice as the first repliant once again. Already before the question was asked by the host, Candice could feel a pair of hands gripping the waistband of her leggings.


”What is your response to Isabel, Candice?” the host asked. Candice stood there, not really paying attention to what Isabel had answered in her first question.


”I’m uh, I think that...” Candice started, as Hanna tugged her leggings down at the front, exposing her white panties to herself. ”UhhH!! She has a few good points, although I might do the opposite!” she said, and with that she heard someone whisper under her podium: ”Wrong answer, blondie!”


Two seconds later, her leggings were pulled down and ripped away from her legs, and now Candice was standing there in just her panties and her shoes. She slowly went to cover her nipples with one arm and her panties with the other, to shield them from Hanna who still was under her podium. The host turned towards Isabel.


”Uhh yes, let’s move on. Isabel, what do you think of the dress code rules that are currently being upheld at this school?”


”I’m thinking that it’s important...” Isabel started, as Lily grabbed her white shoulderless shirt. ”...that umm...” she said again, but before she could say anything else, Lily pulled hard down on her shite shirt, and it went all the way down from her torso to her ankles in one straight motion!  ”I THINK THAT WE SHOULD HAVE SOME PROPER DECENCY!” Isabel suddenly yelled out in the debate auditorium, making the crowd jump and wonder what the heck was going on with the two girls’ strange behaviours.


Meanwhile, her pink and black bra was on display for Lily, while the crowd still couldn’t see any change in either of the girl’s outfits.


”...I mean, by decency I mean, we should all be dressed properly and people should be held responsible for what they choose to wear themselves. And...” Isabel froze. What she just felt couldn’t be true? A pair of hands had reached around her and grabbed the clasp of her bra. She stopped talking as a result of the shock. Then she heard a whisper from under her podium. ”Go on, or else I’ll see your titties!”


”UHHH WELL, WHAT I MEANT TO SAY WAS that umm...” Isabel noticed she was screaming again, and tried to calm herself down. ”We should all just choose what to wear ourselves, and not let anyone else DECIIIIDE!!!”


And just when she said that final word out very loud, her eyes grew wide and her nipples were bared to Lily. She had unclasped the bra and pulled it hard off of Isabel’s breasts, and now Isabel were standing there topless as well, but still hidden by the podium.


The host turned puzzled back to look at Candice. ”Well then...” he said. ”I think it’s time we talk about the use of cell phones in our school.”


Both Isabel and Candice heard each of their whisper from under the podium. ”Good idea!”


Two cell phones appeared from under the podium. Candice’s phone had been taken out of her pockets by Hanna, and Isabel’s phone had been taken out of her pants.


”Candice, do you think cell phones should be allowed to be used at school?”


”Well, sure, what’s the harm of...” she started, when suddenly Hanna opened up her panties from the front and shoved the cell phone down her panties. Lily did the same to Isabel.

”I MEAN NO, NO USE OF CELL PHONES!” Candice yelled in desperation. Isabel nodded frantically in agreement.


Lily and Hanna both peeked out of the podiums and looked at each other. They both giggled as they reached around each of their girl, and rolled down their panties in the back.


”NO!!!” Both Candice and Isabel yelled out loud, as both their bare butts were exposed behind them, and if anyone backstage were looking out, they would have a clear view of their naked behinds.

”Umm, no to cell phones!” Candice said, trying to save the awkward situation. Suddenly, she felt the phone in the front of her panties vibrate. She let out a little moan, but managed to silence it before it became too clear to the audience.


”So girls, can you make a final statement each as to why YOU should be our next school president? Candice, may you start?”


”Well uh...mmm...yes, I’ll start.” The phone kept vibrating in her pants, as someone was calling her and it was hitting both her and Isabel in just the right spots.


Or wrong spots due to the circumstances.


”I your...uhmmmmm....council pres...mmm...di-ent... To be a greatmmmmmmm!!!!.... in buzzing... I mean, ahhhh, I mean I will uhhh be a great president.....!”


The host raised the eyebrows from the weird final statement.


”And uh... Isabel?”


”Certain-mmmmmmmm-ly! I best in t-the no mmmmmmmatter what...hhhhhhhappens... in my pantie... I MEAN this est...mmm...establ...mmm...establishment.... Oh what the heck, just ahhhh vote for me!!!!”


The audience went into an ambient silence before the started applauding awkwardly and the curtains went down.


As the curtains went down, the host went into the back, and their phones were taken out of their panties. But by out of their panties, it means that their panties were pulled down to their feet, ripped in half and left the two girls standing behind their podiums – butt naked except for their shoes.


The girls looked at each other. Both realized that they were naked, as their hands and arms tried to cover up their nudity to the other. Isabel tried to take a step down from the podium, but noticed that her feet wouldn’t move.


”They’ve tied my shoe laces together!”


”Mine too!” Candice said. Both girls hopped down from their podiums, stark naked and doing everything they could to keep balance as they fell down. However, while trying to hop backwards and to the backstage area, Candice fell on her butt, with her knees up and legs slightly spread. Isabel was looking straight at her and in between her legs, as Candice turned red!


What she didn’t count on, was that the curtains were raised again for another applause session. Suddenly, both girls were exposed stark naked to everyone sitting there; Candice sitting on the floor with her legs slightly spread, and Isabel with her naked butt turned to the crowd.


As the crowd started to laugh their butts off, Isabel turned around to realize the horrifying moment: She was naked and completely exposed. She decided to make a run for it!


She ditched both of her useless shoes, leaving her completely naked from head to her bare toes, and started to run to the back, all while having her head turned to look at the audience. This meant that she didn’t see Candice on the floor...




The school newspaper headline the day after stated: ”Debate debacle: President candidates expose their naked bodies to school”

The picture showed a fallen Isabel, sitting on Candice’s head while on her knees, and Candice’s head was buried between Isabel’s legs. Isabel’s naked back was on complete display, and Candice’s crotch was on full display in the picture, in a rather comical and reluctantly sexual display!

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